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Our Mission

Changing the lives of the ageing population of Ireland by providing access to dental and denture solutions so people can eat, chew, talk and socialise with dignity and confidence in the comfort of their own homes and nursing homes.

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Denture Clinics

Through our nationwide Denture Clinics we specialise in providing dentures to the highest standard. Our priority is to bring confidence when smiling, eating and talking for our denture patients. In order to achieve this time and time again we ensure that the dentures we make are fitting really well, functioning properly and looking great for each of our patients. There are a range of denture solutions available for denture wearers and through our bespoke denture service we will choose the right solution for you. Our team of Clinical Dental Technicians, also known internationally as Denturists are qualified through George Brown University Canada and/or the Royal College of Surgeons UK and all are Irish Dental Council Registered and indemnified. We have a caring team with over 150 years combined experience that will deliver a high quality product and make our patients feel at home in our relaxing and warm environment.

Nursing Homes

Being able to visit our nursing home patients and offer them a high quality service is really satisfying for us and we love what we do and as a result we only work with people and nursing homes who feel the same way. We bring our dental and denture services directly to nursing homes, with that we assure better quality of life and confidence to our elderly and special needs patients who are less mobile and in need of our care and support. Our goal is to improve quality of life through the provision of an oral health care assessment, treatment and Oral Care plan in the comfort of the nursing home. Our service helps with HIQA compliance by ensuring an adequate and easy to follow individual Oral Health Care Plan is in place for each resident. Additionally we provide training to the nursing home staff in following the Oral Health Care Plans.

Corporate Dental

Dental Tech believes that a happy employee is a healthy employee and we are delighted to provide dental and orthodontic services in your place of work. Creating an environment that allows employees to access routine dental treatments without the need to take time out from work and their busy life improves employee retention and satisfaction. Health and wellbeing of our employees are paramount for a healthy work environment and we understand the importance of partnering with the right provider for a successful business wellness strategy. Our service is discreet and fits easily into your wellness strategy, minimising disruption to your business both during and after treatment days. Adding our dental service to your wellness plan ensures your company will be recognized by both current and future employees as the ultimate destination to establish and grow their career

Home Care

It is important for us to reduce dental and denture related health issues arising from limited access to services and by providing our At Home services in more familiar surroundings, in the comfort of your own home, we hope to reduce the stress and anxiety, experienced by some, around visiting the dentist. Our At Home dental and denture service also eliminates time spent travelling to external appointments, which can be problematic for clients who are less mobile or in some instances for patients with limited access to transport. Our experienced team consists of Dentists, Clinical Dental Technicians, Nurses, Dental Technicians and administrators and they can help improve your quality of life by providing routine dental and denture treatments in the care and comfort of your own home.


I originally went to Dental Tech about 14 years ago, I had dentures supplied and fitted, and I still have those dentures and use them if necessary. Recently I had a new set supplied and from the day I left the surgery I was as comfortable with them as if I had it for years. I highly recommend Dental Tech to everyone.

P. Brady – Dublin

I attended Dental Tech to have a new denture made. The staff were warm and friendly and I felt ease straight away. A lot of time and effort went in to making the denture and I am absolutely thrilled with my new smile. I would highly recommend Dental Tech to anyone contemplating having a new denture made.

A.C. – Dublin

Made me feel great! People did not know the difference, if I had dentures or implants. I had confidence when smiling and laughing again. I highly recommend Dental Tech for their service, quality and friendly/warming team.

F. T – Wexford

I first went to Dental Tech as I needed dentures and wanted to go where I would be confident and comfortable. From the first appointment I was welcomed, Brian and Mary explained what was needed to be done, but also, listened to me. I was not disappointed as I got the best dentures that looked exactly as my original teeth (or better!) and I was no longer embarrassed in social situations.

E. Farrelly – Dublin

I just had new dentures and I have to say that Brian and Mary have been brilliant right from the start, I`m very happy with my appearance and I would recommend Dental Tech to all of my friends. I thank them very much.

P.J. – Dublin

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