Annoymous Customer Survey – The Results are In!!!!!

August 24th, 2016 by , posted in Uncategorized

A sample of our customers from our Denture Clinic were surveyed by an independent company.  This was an anonymous survey so we were excited to hear the results.

Not to toot our own horn but we had a feeling what would come back!!! We have a great team here and they work really hard to make the experience great for each and every one of our customers.

The customers that were surveyed ranged from long term customers (10 years and over) to more recent customers (this year and within the last 2 years)


100% were either recommended by or said they would recommend us to a friend.

100% Said they were put at ease about wearing dentures


Here’s what our customers had to say


Overall About Our Denture Service

very good at reassuring you about everything

makes sure you understand every step of the process

they explain everything that they are doing

let your know exactly whats needed

they check and go through everything

taking great time with you

really impressed with the work

If you have any questions they are answered clearly

never left with any doubt

you want to come back

always looked after

the staff are lovely

they are great to deal with

the whole clinic is lovely

always feel that Dental Tech look after you

definitely recommend Dental Tech to a friend or family member.

a very good experience.



About the Dentures themselves

always felt comfortable

always gets a great fit

People would often comment about how realistic the dentures look

feels they (dentures) are very natural looking

delighted with them


About our follow up Process

very accommodating

has a brilliant follow-up process

great after care


About Our Appointments

there is no time delay when you go in

you are seen at your appointment time

they are very prompt

the service is really good.


As always we look for the research to give us honest feedback so some of the questions really pushed for what could we change about our service to make it better and where could we make improvements.  Out of all of the customers that were interviewed this is what came back:


the reception area is not overly inviting or welcoming, it is a bit dark, needs to be a bit brighter and a bit more inviting, especially for those who don’t particularly like doing to the dentist.

Phew!!!! This is definitely an area we can improve on and doesn’t take away from the results we achieve for our customers.


A sincere and massive thank you to all who participated, we are very grateful for all the feedback and we will continue to look for ways to deliver an outstanding Denture service to our customers.  We appreciate feedback so please feel free to drop us an email or simply through our “Contact Us” page on the website