Why is my denture breaking and how is it fixed?

August 21st, 2018 by , posted in Uncategorized

Could be the age of the denture or the fitting, could be because you dropped it or also could be due to heavy bite, grinding or clenching, no matter why it broke, you should ALWAYS call your dentist or take it to a laboratory to be fixed.

Laboratories NEVER glue the broken pieces together, if there is a nice sharp fracture line along which the pieces can be tightly reapplied, the lab technician uses a wax to temporarily reattach the broken pieces together. Then the technician pours a plaster or silicone matrix inside your denture to capture the original internal anatomy. Finally, he entirely removes all the plastic for about 1/8 inch on either side of the fracture line and replaces it with new acrylic.

Important Things to remember about dentures:

  • Do not attempt to glue the denture yourself (The denture will not fit any better than before)
  • Always have a spare denture, even an old denture that doesn’t fit very well is a good spare for emergencies and can tide you over until your current denture is repaired
  • After your denture is repaired it may feel strange or odd; this feeling will subside (It usually takes over 1 hour for the denture to bed back in)
  • Dental Tech do same day repairs! We offer a walk-in service, you don’t need an appointment and our team will look after you. For more information call us on 01 455 1866, you can also click on the link below and send us your inquiry through our website http://www.dentaltech.ie/contact-us/