Would you put this spoon in your mouth?

February 16th, 2017 by , posted in Uncategorized

The question is simple and we know everyone’s answers, after all, who would have the guts to put this spoon inside their own mouth?

Now you’re probably asking yourself why we are even asking this question if the answer is so obvious, and since today we are predicting so many things we can also say that your facial expression will not be the best as you keep reading.

Dentures go inside the mouth and should firstly be very well cleaned, they should be taken care of and should also be made with the best quality materials; again, because it goes inside your mouth!

But for some denture wearers who are cleaning their dentures regularly their dentures still look like this spoon!!

Why is this??

Many people might think it’s enough to do a basic brushing on their dentures but we’ll tell you why it’s not.   If you wear a full or partial denture, there is a large possibility that it is covered in a thin layer of bacteria, called a “biofilm”.  This biofilm harbours bacteria which if not removed properly can cause build up on the denture and also inside the denture material over time and once those bacteria get inside the denture material, it’s virtually impossible to remove without getting them either professionally cleaned or else replacing them.

The life of a denture is considered 5 years and this is mainly because the material that dentures are made from deteriorates over time and it breaks down.  To the naked eye the acrylic surface of the denture seems to be solid and unbroken, but under a microscope things are different, pockmarks/pours can be noticed and research has found hundreds of different varieties of germs harbouring in the acrylic on the dentures, these bacteria are not only bad for your oral health but also very bad for your body too as you ingest them.

What should you do?

So if your dentures have signs of staining or any black marks or build-up of any kind on them then you should have them either replaced or professionally cleaned immediately, call us The Dental Tech Team to talk through your options (01 455 1866). Professionally cleaning your dentures takes just a few hours and we can do this for you through the post; you don’t even have to come into us.

In the meantime and for any denture wearer, the best way to help reduce this build-up of bacteria and staining is by having a strict daily caring & cleaning routine.

We definitely learned some things today, one is that nobody would put a dirty spoon inside their mouth, two is that after reading this everyone will start to take good care of their dentures and three is that you shouldn’t go to bed with any doubts regarding such a special part of your body, your dentures! In those cases you should give us The Dental Tech Group a call (01 455 1866) or visit our website (www.dentaltech.ie) for more information.