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A few weeks ago we put up a post that really got people’s attention, we asked a simple question and the point of the article was to advert all denture wearers about the importance of daily cleaning and taking good care of something that is part of your body.  And in the event that you can’t or haven’t been able to clean them we talked about the importance of looking for professional help when your daily cleaning routine is not being enough and the dentures are starting to show build-up of bacteria and staining; if you haven’t seen this post, it’s worth a read! You can find it here

For today’s post we made a list to help you take care of your dentures and the best way to help reduce the build-up of bacteria and staining is by having a strict daily caring & cleaning routine.

5 steps to help you take good care of your dentures:

  1. Give them a break! Soaking them in a good denture disinfectant can kill 99% percent of denture germs. We recommend using Nitradine tablets for soaking as it only takes 15 minutes. Most denture disinfectants have a mild bleaching agent which overtime can change the colour of your dentures so check your denture cleaner first to make sure it will disinfect them in a short time rather than leaving them overnight.  BUT PLEASE CLEAN THEM FIRST (See the next step).


  1. Clean them daily! Brush your dentures with a regular soft-bristled brush or dish brush, use warm water and some washing up liquid, yes washing up liquid. Toothpaste is an abrasive material designed to work best on the enamel of your teeth  so toothpaste can actually damage the surface of your dentures.  As dentures are a type of plastic they are best cleaned with washing up liquid or soap.


  1. Don’t forget your gums! Remember to always give your mouth a good rinse when you take out your dentures and then to massage your gums with a washcloth or a soft toothbrush. Use a pea sized amount of toothpaste on the brush and gently rub around the inside of your cheeks, gums and tongue to stimulate them and help promote a healthy mouth.


  1. Handle them with love! You should love your denture, it is part of you and it is fragile, make sure you handle them carefully. Wash over a plastic bowl full of water or a folded towel so as to reduce the risk of dropping them in the sink or on the floor.


Make sure it fits! If your denture is not fitting properly, functioning well or it just doesn’t look great on you, don’t hesitate calling Dental Tech Group ( to book in for your Free Denture consultation with one of our experienced treatment plan coordinators.