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    We change the lives of the ageing population of Ireland by providing access to dental and denture solutions so people can eat, chew, speak and socialise with dignity and confidence in the comfort of their own homes and nursing homes

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In our Denture clinics, we are renowned for making bespoke high-quality dentures for our patients to improve their quality of life, removing stresses around loose dentures and helping our clients to eat and socialise with confidence while looking great.

With our portable dental and denture service we provide access to dental and dentures solutions to everyone in the nursing home, our portable kits allow us to go to the residents regardless of their mobility. We currently work in more than 100 nursing homes in Dublin and surrounding counties looking after more than 5000 residents per year. We also educate and train nursing home staff and carers to improve the quality of life for their residents by providing detailed oral care plans for each resident and the necessary skills training for the staff to ensure the daily routine can be carried out which positively impacts the overall quality of the care for the residents.

All started back in 1970s when Brian and Mary Mahon set up a small laboratory and denture clinic in Willington in Templeogue. In 1993, they build a large custom conversion and Brian left Trinity Dublin Dental School after 26 years as Senior technician, to set up Dentaltech Ltd with Mary, who had just completed her BESS degree (Business Economics and Social Studies) in Trinity after returning to college as a Mature Student. Only 2 years later they had to move to a larger premise due to the success of the business.

In 2001, Bevin Mahon joined the then team of four. Having completed her degree is Social Science and with working experience from prestigious advertising companies in New York to high end revolving door manufacturers in Ireland, the goal was clear to her; growth, job creation, sustainability and community impact. With a super team around her, they started to really grow. By 2007 Dental Tech Group not only had again outgrown its surroundings but also had grown to 17 employees.

In 2010 they added a dental practice to support the growing denture clinics, providing routine dental care for denture wearers and then expanding to look after other family members and the local community.  In 2012 they started their Mobile/Portable Dental and Denture Service for nursing homes and in 2016 extended this to the Home care sector ensuring those that are most vulnerable in our society have access to a level of care which has been tailored to their diverse needs.   Dental

Tech is paving the way for a new model in dentistry and how services are delivered to people across the growing sector of nursing homes, home care and corporate employee services in Ireland.

Dental Tech Group has now over 35 employees, set up mobile dental service to nursing homes (2012), set up the denture clinics in Wexford (2015), Waterford (2016) and Kildare(2017), gained Business Excellence Award for the Best team (2010), shortlisted for EMEA Business Excellence Award for Best Manufacturer/ Wholesaler (2016) and Irish Dentistry Awards for Best Dental Lab (2012) and was the overall Winner of the All-Star Small Business Award(2018), Winner of All-Star Best Health Business Award (2019), and Finalists in the Irish Dentistry Awards (2020)

Bevin Mahon is the managing Director of the company and since qualified as an Engage and Grow Coach in 2017 to promote employee engagement, wellness and leadership across the company which has contributed to the development of this dedicated team.  She was also accredited with the All-Star Thought Leader in Community Health (Dental) two years running and the Winner of the Graham Norton Inspiring Women Awards for Health Pioneer (2019) so the future of Dental Tech, its people and its customers are in good hands.

We hope you enjoy our services as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.