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I Wish I Had Met You Earlier!

Meet Mario Viveros Our Clinical Dental Technician Hello, my name is Mario, I am one of the clinicians at Dental Tech. I’ve been working here for a number of years now, providing bespoke, high quality dentures to the community and the one thing that I hear time and time again is: ‘I wish I had…

Who’s afraid of the dentist_ -It’s high time you faced your fear-

Who’s Afraid Of The Dentist?

It’s high time you faced your fear!  It is estimated that about 75% of the world’s population is afraid of the dentists. Nonetheless, only up to 12% really have a phobia and the others have anxiety and fear. Many people with this problem usually seek dental care only if an emergency occurs, having an acute…

Implant retained overdentures

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures Implant Retained Dentures are a great solution for denture wearers.  For our patients who have experienced extensive tooth loss, we generally recommend a couple of implants to help stabilise and tighten your removable dentures The traditional dentures we make for you are a great fit and can have very good suction, however…

Metal Dentures

All About Metal Dentures

What is a denture? People wear dentures to replace lost or missing teeth so they can enjoy a healthy diet and smile with confidence. What are the types of denture? Dentures are made of either acrylic (plastic) or a metal frame (Chrome) with acrylic. How do I choose the best for me? It depends on…