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Dental Tech Group provides services to nursing homes more than 60 nursing homes in South Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath and Louth looking after more than 3,000 residents. Our Mobile Team comes fully equipped and ready to provide dental and denture care to your residents;

    • We will work with your staff to deliver an effective and easy to manage service
    • All of our Dentists have an assistant with them at all times
    • Our Oral Care Plans for each resident helps you with your HIQA compliance
    • Our Oral Care training helps your team deliver effective daily routine oral health care

The services we provide include:

    • Annual Oral Examination including Oral Cancer Screening and screening for Abnormalities
    • Teeth Cleaning (Can be provided under the medical card scheme subject to prior approval)
    • Denture Cleaning
    • Denture Care (Including New Dentures where required and can be provided under the medical card scheme subject to prior approval)
    • Fillings (Please note that some fillings may require a visit to the local dental practice)
    • Non-surgical Extractions

Family members and responsible parties are welcome to meet us during the evaluations to discuss any possible dental needs and recommended treatment plans for the resident. Every resident with a medical card is entitled to regular check-ups and basic treatment. This means there is no extra financial expense to receiving dental care.

If you are thinking about our service or you have decided that the Dental Tech Group is right for your Nursing Home, contact us.

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